Do It Yourself Centipede
Item: FK506 
Description: DIY mechanical centipede
SERIES: Feilun S.T.E.A.M series
PACKAGE: Gift box
PRODUCT SIZE: 80*18*9 cm
QTY/CTN: 12 pcs
CARTON SIZE: 45.8*42.3*90.5 cm
GW/NW: 12.93 kg£¬11.25 kg
CBM: 6.19 cuft
Product features:
1.Bluetooth connection, APP controlled.
2.Transparent blue is the coating color, transparent blue color is fresh and beautiful
3.DIY assembly can make playing more fun! When the product is out of the factory, keep the extended interface. Children can upgrade it by purchasing additional accessories, which can lengthen or shorten the centipede body length.
4.custom path function: Through mobile app, we can customize the direction of centipede's movement and expand the play method - we can set obstacles in the direction of centipede's advance path. By skillfully setting the forward route to bypass these obstacles to reach the finish, we can fostring children's problem-solving ability.
5.Help children develop reasoning, discovery, memory, problem solving and experimentation skills, so that good thinking skills get good exercise. Finally, children find that their actions can change things and understand the causal relationship between things.
6.Motion-sensing function: Free finger, motion induction control is more convenient. By tilting the mobile phone, it can be controlled flexibly from top to bottom.
7.With mysterious mechanical sounds
8. With dazzling LED lights
9.Gamepad mode :Gamepad mode is avaliable ,you can control it by Sliding two virtual joystick