Refuse classification game
Item: FA013 
Description: Refuse classification game
SERIES: Educational toys
PACKAGE: Gift box
PRODUCT SIZE: 9*10.5*1348 cm
QTY/CTN: 48 pcs
CARTON SIZE: 63*41*71cm cm
GW/NW: 22.72 kg£¬20.38 kg
CBM: 6.47cuft
1. Gifts are more decent. Products are packed in exquisite hand-held gift boxes. Products give exquisite cards with classified items.

2. The cards to be sorted have Chinese and English names, so that children can learn English letters in the process of sorting.

2. There are buttons on both sides of the trash can, which can be connected in a row. Children can produce products.

3. Let children recognize garbage classification signs from childhood, establish environmental awareness, grasp the significance and methods of garbage classification.

4. Play: Disrupt all the cards and visit the table. Players randomly pick up a card and put it in the corresponding trash can according to the common sense of garbage sorting. When all the cards are put in, players can open the instructions to check whether they are correct or not.

5. Two-in-one Design: Shanghai and Other Areas